Home renovations: these 7 renovations cost less than 1k

These small renovations can really bring a new harmony to your home. And there are ideas for every room.

Our homes also need to be renovated from time to time. Doing a major renovation can go down the drain looking at the high costs associated. But there are small renovations that are within the reach of any pocket. A small change at home can be enough to bring harmony and a touch of modernity to your home.

1 – Painting the house

This is one of the small works that every home needs. And it can cost you less than 1,000 euros. If you choose to change the colours of the walls, you’ll already notice a big difference in the ambiance of the room.

But if you’re looking for a bigger change without going over budget, focus on the main room of your house. You can paint or wallpaper just one wall in your living room, for example.

2 – New flooring

Floors in the house suffer over time. And it is not necessary to spend a small fortune to renew them. For less than 1,000 euros the best solution is to lay tiles or self-adhesive vinyl slats. There are several models available that imitate wood or stone almost perfectly. Believe me, with this change your house will look completely different.

And you can also do the same thing we suggest with painting: focus on the living room. It’s the room that’s most visible and it’s also the room where the floor wears out the most. So, you can always renovate just the living room floor and put, for example, a beautiful wooden floor.

3 – Renovating the bathroom

In a bathroom, 1,000 euros is enough to make several changes. For example, you can replace the bathtub with a shower. It is a simple and quick renovation that can provide you with a very useful space, as well as safety.

Other small interventions that can be done with this budget: change the bathroom fittings for more modern ones; replace old furniture and taps; paint the tiles with a special paint and change the floor. If the bathroom is not very large, it is even possible to do more than one improvement with this budget.

4 – Kitchen changes

Just like in the bathroom, in the kitchen it is also possible to make several changes with 1,000 euros. We start by painting the tiles and putting in a vinyl floor. Another option is to paint the furniture if it’s not in bad condition or just replace the doors. If you also want to renovate the countertop, replacing the sink and the faucet you will have a completely new kitchen for much less than you think.

Another idea is to unify the spaces. When the kitchen and the living room are only separated by a dividing wall, with 1,000 euros you can remove it and unite the two rooms. To demarcate the spaces, it is possible to build a small counter where you can have your breakfast, for example. This way, you’ll give your house a touch of modernity and you’ll see that it will be much more spacious.

5 – New doors

Nowadays, there are really cheap doors on the market, but if the ones you have at home are of good quality and you’re only interested in renewing their appearance a little, painting or lacquering them in the colour you like the most isn’t that complicated. And you can apply it to both interior doors and wardrobe doors.

For less than 1,000 euros it is also possible to change a door (for example, the living room or bathroom door) and put a sliding door. This solution allows you to gain space that can be used to place furniture.

6 – Improve the lighting in the house

In a house, good lighting is essential because it visually expands spaces and brings warmth. If you haven’t already done so, you’ll always be in time to change the lighting to LED bulbs and you’ll see that the investment will pay off in no time. But, with a budget of 1,000 euros, you can afford to make a false ceiling in the living room and recess some spotlights or put indirect lights, for example.

7 – Don’t forget the balcony

With just 1,000 euros you can transform your balcony into that small oasis where you can enjoy the spring sun or the summer nights. What can you do to achieve this? Lay a more natural floor, hang some garlands of lights and you can also buy some basic furniture.

As you’ve seen, with less than 1,000 euros you can give your house a new look by making small improvements that don’t require a lot of work or time. It’s important to remember that to achieve a perfect finish, it’s best to leave the work in the hands of professionals.