5 Easy Improvements to Renovate Any House or Flat

Want to do a home renovation or a flat improvement without having all the work?
In this article you can learn the easiest ways to change the interior design of any house or flat.

Don’t be afraid to take risks with colours

Have you been dreaming of purple for your home renovation? Don’t be afraid of dark colours when it comes to painting your home. Dark tones can be avoided if, for example, you put light-coloured pictures or mirrors on the walls. In this way, the light will fade out the darker tones, leaving the room with a nice balance of colours.

Light up the kitchen tiles

If you really want to give your kitchen a new look but it doesn’t justify a makeover or putting up false ceilings, try rearranging the space. Simply replacing the most unpleasant or boring tiles with mirrors is easy and inexpensive and will give the kitchen a more glamorous look.

Decorate the dining room

The dining room doesn’t have to be so formal or stiff. Bring the vibes of the living room to where you usually eat. Place cushions on top of stools or chairs to give a cosy feel. This is a fun and affordable way to experiment with new colours and styles in the dining room.

Light up the dining room

A quick solution to enhance your daily dining room experience is to improve the ceiling luminosity above the table. Increasing the brightness is halfway to adding extra emphasis to a room, especially at the dining room table.

Play on the trend for mixed metals, hang a funky sign or try combining modern and classic styles. Before replacing your existing light, make sure your board can handle the required voltage and that your wiring is up to scratch.

Add cheerful decorations

Grandmothers always have the best ideas! Decorating with sweets is a trick that never fails. If you have a simple, white kitchen that needs some colour, find cute, transparent jars and fill them with colourful sweets. Everyone in the family – including guests – will love it! It makes the atmosphere more welcoming, fun and shows that you have good taste.

Our daily surroundings affect our mood and it is very important to create a beautiful, functional and calm space at home.

No need to overwhelm yourself and remodel the whole house, try a few of these steps at the weekend and have an instant home interior decoration!

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